Recycled Bottle Piggy Bank

The best kind of crafts are those made from materials you kind find around the house! Getting creative with your recycled trash is a great way to have some fun with the kids as well as follow the Green mantra: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Plastic bottles caps are one of the most troublesome items to recycle since they do not biodegrade and are made from  a type of plastic called polypropylene that has a much higher melting point than the plastic that makes up the bottle. The two trash items found most commonly in the ocean are plastic bottle caps and plastic lighters, which many people do not realize they can refill (look for the tiny hole at the bottom and buy some fluid)!

Here is one fun craft you can make by re-using a plastic bottle and extra plastic bottle caps while also teaching your child to save money by making it fun! The best way to teach new habits is by integrating them into play and making them fun.

First, glue colored paper around an empty water bottle and cut a coin slot on the top using scissors or a razor blade (carefully! The bottle can be slippery!)

Then, cut ears and nostrils from the paper, find some buttons for the eyes (or use some googly eyes)and glue those on accordingly.

Finally, glue on four bottle caps at the bottom for feet (color with permanent marker to make them more hoof-like if desired).

Now, just feed the piggy lose change! Once full, just unscrew the top and go to your local Coin Star for some cash or open up a savings account for your child so they can earn interest. It’s never to early to teach your kids to save and manage money!

The Bottle Piggy Bank is an easy, fun recycled craft to try out this summer with the kids! Please share a photo of your child’s Bottle Piggy Bank or other strategies you have to teach your child at an early age the value of the dollar and how to save for a rainy day. Get Chipper and enjoy!