Recycled Picture Frame for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th! Why not get creative and have the kids make something their Dad will really appreciate: a picture of you in a homemade picture frame! It’s easy to do and fun to make.

All you need is an extra plastic Tupperware lid (square or circular). There are usually plenty spares in the cupboard and they can’t be recycled any other way. Then, just get some beads, stickers, yarn, fake flowers or even acorns or shells. Sky’s the limit! Find some things in the backyard or head to the craft store. If you have some old magazines around, you can also cut some things from there.

The most important material to have is a glue gun (and glue sticks of course!). Other glues don’t like to stick to plastic very well and may get unglued over time, so hot glue is your best bet. You’ll also need a needle or something sharp to poke a hole in the lid where you want to hang it. We use ornament wires for ours but string will work just as well. Poking the hole before you start gluing on your material will help to avoid accidentally pulling of your decorations and also help guide you which way you want to hang your picture and which way your decorations should face.

You don’t need to cut anything, just find a lid, print out your desired photo small enough to fit on the lid. Glue it on with the glue gun (avoid burn marks and glue stuck to the carpet by putting down some newspaper or scrap paper). Then poke your hole using a pin or needle. Now comes the fun part! Start gluing on your beads, shells, sequins, or flowers around the edges. Maybe find some cool sports stickers of your Dad’s favorite sports teams or some other hobby he loves. This craft is a personal, inexpensive gift that your Dad/Husband will treasure forever! And it’s a ton of fun for the kids to make. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to all those great Dad’s out there!