Chipper Crafts: Recycled Watering Can!

Nothing is better than having a craft day with the kids! Especially recycled crafts. They are easy, fun, and help save the planet by reusing! Crafts expand your child’s mind and provide them with challenges they need to grow. Crafts also involves working with your hands, which builds dexterity and motor function. Any form of creativity is a healthy and relaxing outlet!

Get your kids outside and helping with water the garden or indoor plants by making their very own, home-made watering can! It’s easy to do for kids ages 4 and up and not many materials are used. Click here for some tips and ideas when gardening with kids!

What you’ll need:

  • Milk jug with handle (1 gallon, ½ gallon, or pint)
  • Plastic funnel
  • Washable fine-point marker
  • Scissors, paper towels
  • Scotch tape, white duct tape
  • Decorating items (markers, paint, etc.)

How to make it:

  1. Make sure the plastic milk jug is washed thoroughly, dried, with labels removed before beginning. Place the funnel (4-inch, 3-inch, or 2-inch diameter) in desired spout position, opposite the handle of the milk jug.
  2. Trace around the funnel with a washable fine-point marker.
  3. Cut out a circle approximately ¼ inch inside the circle outline, then wipe away the outline.
  4. Compress the funnel slightly and pop its wide side into the container. Use Scotch tape to hold in desired place.
  5. Help child cut strips of white duct tape and tape the funnel in permanent position, removing Scotch tape as you go.
  6. Decorate using googly eyes, stickers, sharpie markers, glitter and glue, adhesive vinyl letters, or whatever you can find in the recycle bin!

NO FUNNEL? No problem. With adult supervision, use sharp scissors or a knife to poke several holes into your container cap. This allows water to get out of your container slowly for ideal watering flow!


Next time you are searching for a fun activity, test your child’s creativity by having them grab some items out of the recycling bin and creating a craft! Share your recycle crafts with us by leaving a comment below, posting to our Facebook page, or emailing!