Summer Learning Tips

Schedules change and the regular day’s order shifts as school ends and summer break begins. Kids tend to forget about their normal school activities and their after school chores when summer starts. The house becomes a crazy mess and months of learning disappear very quickly without some productive activities to exercise your child’s mind and body!


Avoid this Summer Slump by having your kids take a little time out each day to read or play games. Take them to the library on those extremely hot days. Having them help out around the house is a great way to keep them busy and teach them responsibility (and keep the house looking nice!).

To keep writing skills fresh, buy children a notebook and let them decorate the cover (another fun craft activity!). Then tell them it’s their vacation journal and have them write down three things that happen each day. Plotting out your summer travels on a map is another fun way to keep up critical thinking skills.

Helping hands made by Girl Scouts at their 100th Year Anniversary. How have you helped out today?

Enroll your child in summer programs. Most community centers and churches hold day camps and week-long summer camps. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between violence and the lack of time spent in nature. Getting outside the house helps engage both mind and body and can do nothing but good.

Chipper loves lending a hand anywhere he can and in our book, Helping Hands, teaches kids the importance of using our hands in helpful ways for their family, friends, and the planet. By positively reinforcing the good that comes when we all work together, children will be ready to lend their hands and hearts around the home, school, and community. Get Chipper this summer and make your child’s play educational as well!