What’s Your Hurry?

Our high-speed 21st century lives are all about convenience and getting things or going somewhere fast. By rushing through the day though, many important moments are missed and our brains and bodies are left drained and exhausted. Recent studies also suggest that our increasingly fast-paced world may contribute to an increase in childhood anxiety disorders, attachments disorders, behavior difficulties, and even attention problems.

Taking a few moments to literally smell those flowers outside the office building or by stopping with the kids to take a walk in the park greatly improves our physical and mental well-being. Humans cannot stay healthy while burning the candle from both ends, as they say. We need rest, relaxation, and recreation and there’s no better place to find these necessities than in nature.  Spending time with your child to think about think about things, to clear the mind, to have fun is far more important than we realize.

Looking at the leaves or rocks and finding little critters like Chipper the Squirrel are priceless connections with your children that they will remember forever. You will appreciate each other and your time together more. Slowing down our conversations and interactions with our children heals and builds on relationships and allows them to learn and grow at their own pace. It’s not always easy to slow down when everything around us pushes us towards speed. Check out the app about Bruce the Banana slug to learn about his slow but important adventures!

Slowing down gradually is the best strategy for you hard-core rush–aholics. Prioritizing “play time” or scheduling in breaks is another way for those of us love structure. Calling is “exercise time” may help with people who feel guilty about what most of think as “wasting time.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. Teaching yourself and your kids to take some time out in order to eat a meal together or just stare at the clouds will lower the family stress, bring you all closer together, and enrich life overall. Need more strategies to slow down? Check out this great article How to Slow Down & Simply Enjoy Your Children.  Also, check out our fun Nature Walk + Craft Activity to try out on your next outdoor break!