Getting Chipper and Ready To Go!

Everybody has trouble getting out of a warm, comfy bed in the morning. Kids will moan how painful it is and play sick just to get a few more cozy hours of sleep. The challenge of getting them to school on time or out the door for camp and other events is difficult…but not impossible! Here are a few tips to help your children prepare and be on time the next time you are trying to get them outside:

• Make getting ready fun! Singing songs for each process (brushing teeth, hair; getting dressed) or turning it into a fun race that kids can win make them eager to get up and out! Have a pack of toys, books or snacks ready in the car can act as an incentive for kids to get there fast.

• Help with each step! Having a chart (DOWNLOAD our FREE Chipper Care Chart!) or a list on the fridge that reminds children of each thing they must accomplish or remember before they leave (backpack, jacket) makes what they have to do clear, thus expediting the process! Having your  own list helps you not to forget anything as well.


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• Dial down the stress, including your own! Researchers say that if adults seem rushed and overstressed, kids will get the idea that this is the norm of getting anywhere and they’ll naturally resist it.

• Stay focused! As the adult, you have to make sure that everyone gets out the door on time. Don’t let you or your kids dally or they’ll think they can do it every day.

• Be flexible! Letting the kids eat breakfast in the PJ’s and dress after let’s them feel cozy longer, encourages them to eat more breakfast, and–most importantly–gets them out of their rooms earlier than if they got dressed first.

Try some different strategies and see what works best for your kids. Getting the kids ready to go doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Just tell them and yourself to Get Chipper and Get Going!!!