Earth Day!

Earth Day is coming up and Chipper would like to let you know what you can do this year to celebrate this wonderful planet we call home!  You can easily be apart of the movement to keep our planet healthy and beautiful by pledging to be green here:

Earth Day

Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22 this year so you still have time to plan some fun outdoor activities wherever you are! There are all sorts of events worldwide to show appreciation to our environment many of which are at parks and beaches worldwide. Find some fun events to learn more about all the little things you can do to minimize your footprint and keep our Earth pristine for future generations. Or plan your own event! There’s all sorts of little things we can all do to help while having fun and learning: Plant a garden with friends and family at home or school or clean up a local park or beach and have a picnic break!

Here are a few easy things you can do to start being Green TODAY:

Chipper and Rusty | Ride Bikes

• Bike to works or school! Saves gas money, lowers pollution, AND it’s a great workout.

• Start buying eco-friendly light bulbs to save energy AND money! Also, you get a home energy audit to see how else you can save.

• Eliminate your usage of pesticides and toxic cleaning supplies. There are plenty of natural, earth-friendly alternatives out there!

• Call or write your local legislator about going green and circulate some petitions to lower coal usage and other non-renewable resources.

Have more ideas of your own? Please share them with us! And have a wonderful Earth Day!!!