The Art of Collecting

If you have children you’ve certainly experienced the phenomenon of “the collection.” From pencils or shells, to baseball cards or stamps, to rocks or pinecones, these “treasures” can range from the mundane to the elaborate & valuable. You’ve certainly heard stories of baseball or comic book collections selling for thousands of dollars? Well even the smallest wrapper has value to a child.

Toddlers and preschoolers show early signs of collecting as they gather items and plead for them not to be disturbed or thrown away. These “early collections” are often boxed, bagged, hidden in drawers …even pockets! But as much as these items might clog a vacuum or attract a few ants; these collections tell stories.

When you come upon a collection sit down with your child and ask questions. Why did they like the item? What do they want to do with the item? Empower your child to build a story; inanimate objects to us, take on a life of their own for a child. If it is an animal or item which should be returned to nature, help your child learn what a habitat is and why it should be released responsibly.

We’ve got a great activity for you this week – Collection Containers! Celebrate the discoveries by acknowledging the power of discovery. With a cylindrical package like a coffee can or oatmeal box and a toilet or paper towel roll and some potential found treasures to decorate with – you will have a safe place for everything.  (we like to keep ours next to the washer – a great place to empty pockets).

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