Celebrating the Planet With Kids

Hi Chipper friends! We are excited to share a blog from our Ambassador Debi Huang, founder of Go Explore Nature. As we travel the country connecting children to the great outdoors we share what one family is doing to celebrate Earth Day, everyday!

Let's Go Chipper into the Great Outdoors

Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22) and I gotta admit, I’m a little stressed about it. But not for the reasons you might think. See, we try to celebrate the earth in some small way every day. So how can we possibly make Earth Day something special?

Of course, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Plant a tree. Pick up litter at a favorite beach or park. Hang a bird feeder. Go for a hike. Enjoy a picnic. Read a book beside a favorite tree. The list of possibilities is nearly endless. And each of these small actions has a big impact – especially when shared with kids. Spending time in nature connects kids to the world around them and gives them reason to care about it.


Take it from me. My two kids (who are 6 ½ and 3 years old) have been spending time outside climbing trees, digging in the dirt and exploring trails since they were old enough to walk. These days they care about the trees, flowers, birds, streams and meadows as much as many of their favorite books and toys.

And that’s saying a lot.

So we’ve decided that the best way to make this Earth Day a little extra special is to share our love of the planet with friends – just like Chipper does!video-104-0-00-10-26

Weather permitting, we’ll enjoy some time at our school’s learning garden. We’ll go on a bug hunt, plant some wildflowers – maybe even read a favorite book on a patch of grass. Whatever we do, we’ll be spending time outside with others.

What could be more important for our planet than that?

To learn more about Debi and her blog, please visit www.goexplorenature.com