Last Minute Summer Fun

As families frantically finish up their last minute back to school shopping, kids are begging for some last minute summer fun. Far away and/or lengthy vacations may be too much distraction right before school, but there are many ways to help your child loosen up before his days become focused and restricted inside a classroom.

1. Road Trip! Day trips are fun ways to have a last big “hurrah!” before the new school session begins. Pack a picnic and head to a nearby beach, forest, river, or lake to get some exercise and embrace the end of the season’s beautiful summer weather. Click here for some Chipper Tips when Traveling with Kids!

Perfect Tote for On-The-Go Snacks and Drinks!

2. Neighborhood Games! Head to a nearby park with all your neighbors, family, and friends to engage in a friendly sports game like capture the flag, baseball, and soccer – easy games that encourage exercise, teamwork, and friendly fun.

3. Educational fun! Visit a local farm, wildlife refuge, zoo, or museum, as many of these places have various educational kids’ events and tour guides that help them discover and understand various realities of the world.

Chipper Blog_Chipper for Parks

Learn about your local environment and visit a park near you!

4. Outdoor Fun! Go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, but if you don’t like the water, use a map to plan an easy bike trail for the whole family to enjoy.

Chipper Outdoors playing kids fun happy exercise nature inspired play based learning

Click here for tips and ideas when hiking and camping with kids!

5. Backyard Shenanigans! The easiest way to get in on some last minute summer fun is to step out into your backyard and use your imagination. Play a fun game of “Eye Spy,” learn some gardening tips from mom and dad, or refer to Chipper’s Nature Crafts for other easy ideas to do at home. Click here for a printable list of 50 Ways to Explore Nature in your Backyard/Community!50-Ways-to-Explore-Nature-in-your-Backyard-or-Community

The point is to step into the great outdoors and enjoy every minute that you can! These experiences will be great to share for show-and-tell during the school year.