Chipper Tips for Healthy Back to School Habits

Summer is winding down which means families are getting ready for back to school. Filling a lunchbox with a meal that will satisfy both you and your child can be overwhelming but here are a few Chipper Tips to playfully teach your child good eating habits.

1.  Eco-friendly shopping … buy in bulk and before you put the bag or box away open up and fill containers for on-the-go lunch snacks. BPA free plastic containers or stainless steel containers are perfect and you’re already ahead of the morning lunch making routine. Simple tip when choosing snacks: Baked Not Fried and SAY “NO!” HMO’s (hydrogenated oils)

Machine Washable, Insulated Lunch Totes for those School lunches!

2. Choose an eco-friendly lunchbox … reduce the paper and plastic going into your local landfill! Chipper loves Dabba Walla bags with the eco-neoprene and washable materials. The fun colors and easy to open zipper make lunch stress-free for kids but there are lots of choices which include compartments and containers. Check our store!



3. “Healthy before sweet, can’t be beat” … it’s Chipper’s motivating motto! Sit down and plan out lunch menus. Make a sample lunch and have your child show you what the healthy options are and what the “dessert” is. Put the end of meal treat in a special container and agree that this is saved for last. Your child has a goal at lunch, a reward, and is in control of their eating habits from day one. Find some great recipe ideas on Chipper’s Pinterest!  4. Hot Lunch Hero … if you have a school lunch option encourage at least one day during the week. This is an opportunity to reinforce good decision making as your child will independently pick up their lunch, selecting items they want at times. It’s also a great social experience for your child to interact with other kids in the lunch line. Encourage your child to help other kids make healthy decisions. Lastly, as a parent you can join your P.T.A and suggest meals for a more balanced lunch program. A well-balanced lunch consists of a lean meat, whole grain, low-fat dairy product and fruit and/or vegetable. There are many protein packed vegetarian options as well. Children respond to colors, textures and taste so introduce new foods before they go into the lunch box and be patient as your child discovers what they like best. Chipper is always in the kitchen helping with meal planning so encourage your children to do the same and they will be that much more excited to try new foods.


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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    GREAT idea on getting the kids involved in the lunch-making process….if they make it, they’ll be much more likely to eat it. As a dad who sometimes gets involved in the lunch process, pre-packing stuff in advance is excellent advice…it’s such a scramble in the morning!

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