Feel’n Chipper in the Parks

Celebrating National Parks and Rec Month

Kids enjoy storytime in the park

There is no better time than now to step out into the great  outdoors –  it’s Park and Recreation Month! For the past 15 years, Americans have celebrated during the month of July to recognize the important contributions that parks and recreation have made in maintaining the well-being of communities. Appointed by the National Recreation and Park Association, this year’s theme is “Celebrate, Advocate, and Recreate!”, which was chosen to influence local decision makers and community members of the importance of parks and recreation.

Chipper often enjoys exploring his local park. Check out his favorite’ activities that help families and friends embrace nature while celebrating, advocating, and recreating.

1. Let’s Stroll!: Nature hikes, walks, and strolls are all great ways for groups to celebrate the environment in their own communities, while holding discussions, asking questions, and discussing ways in which the Earth impacts communities.
2. Picture That!: Keep a nature journal in which you draw pictures of what you see, take pictures of your experiences in nature, and come up with ways that your community can help improve our environment.
3. Cook Out! Gather all your friends and pack a lunch to enjoy in an outdoor picnic. Don’t forget to leave no trace and pick up all your trash.
4. Game Day! Set up nature scavenger hunts, sports games, canoeing trips, and other fun activities that allows nature to be a part of the fun.
5. Speak up! Write a letter to a local decision maker capturing your favorite things about your local park. Include artwork, photos, details about these adventures, and any special requests about further maintenance of these sacred parks.

The best way to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month is to explore and enjoy your local parks, while helping maintain a healthy environment.