Family Camping with Chipper

Summer is the perfect time for families to explore the outdoors and what better way than to go camping! From pitching the tent, turning over rocks, and roasting marshmallows; families the world over share the joy of sleeping under the stars. So before you go, Chipper has a few tips to remember for protecting and respecting the environment.

Chipper’s Green Camping Checklist:

1. Embrace the Wilderness! Leave as much of your electronics, cosmetics, and other pampering items at home. Cut your number of showers by washing your face and using extra deodorant, and avoid soap-use in natural bodies of water as it may harm wildlife.

2. Minimize Waste! Water canteens, plastic containers, buying in bulk (rather than individually packaged items), and reusable utensils and plates are good ways to minimize trash and keep hungry animals away. Always remember to clean up after yourself and seal food in air tight containers.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Lighting! The starry night sky provides lots of natural light, but when necessary use LED flashlights, wind-up LED flashlights, or LED lanterns, as they are the most energy efficient light sources currently available. Replace disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries whenever possible.

4. Build a Campfire! Campfires are much better for the environment than propane or electrically-fueled grills. Remember to use properly sourced firewood and never strip branches off of trees. Most importantly, make sure all fires are completely put out with water.

5. Always Remember to Recycle! Recycling should be practiced at all times. Bring a large bag to collect all your recyclables and dispose in the nearest recycling bin. Look into purchasing eco-friendly items, as well. For example, plastic water bottles are often used to provide fiber filling in sleeping bags or to make fleece pullovers and blankets that are great for camping.

Excite, engage, and encourage family and friends to explore the great outdoors in an environmentally friendly way so our parks will thrive for years to come.