Feeling Chipper Head-to-Toe

Chipper's outdoor adventures always include sunscreen

Sun hats and sunscreen

As the summer heat increases and children are more likely to enjoy outdoor fun, it’s easy to forget the importance of skin protection. Chipper urges everyone to stock up on their SPF as over 90 percent of all skin cancer cases are caused by exposure to the sun. Early sunscreen protection can help. Although those with fair skin, blond or red hair, and those with blue or green eyes are more likely to be at risk, all children and families should shield themselves from the sun’s damaging rays. Chipper wants you to remember to protect your skin early on- from the tippy-top of your head, all the way down to your tippy-toes.

Please don’t forget to apply sunscreen to some of these commonly forgotten areas:

1. Ears: Ponytails and baseball caps leave ears out in the open and its complex crevices and grooves require extra attention to ensure full protection.
2. Toes & Tops of Feet: Skin cancer on the feet often goes unnoticed, yet flip-flop season permits lots of sun exposure. Be sure to get the tops of feet, around the ankles, and on-top, around, and in between the toes.
3. The Scalp & Back of the Neck: Males and those with short hair should mostly be concerned with this one, but women should remember to protect this area too! Try spray-on sunscreen to reach these more difficult-to-apply areas.
4. Front & Back of Knees: Your knees are constantly in use and can often get forgotten, especially if your sunscreen application is done while sitting. Sunburns can especially hurt in these sensitive areas and receive exposure in various activities including biking and hiking.
5. Hands & Fingers: Your hands are one of the most used and exposed body parts, so while you’re using your palm to apply sunscreen on the rest of your body, don’t forget to protect these areas as well.