Waking up to Nature

Wake up to Nature

I love this time of year – it’s another transition in the season; we’ve changed the clocks and now Mother Nature is winding her weather watch and calibrating the seasons. A few sprinkles will greet us but the flowers and grasses …and baby lambs dotting Highway Five …tell us that spring is definitely here. It’s the perfect time to get young children back into the outdoor-play mindset: peel back the comforter and help them greet each day with a ready-to-go attitude. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share quick and playful ideas to help us all exercise a get up and go attitude. And why not go into the great outdoors?

Chipper’s Tip of the day:

Open the window and let the fresh air in: Let it be a part of the “rise and shine” moment in your child’s day. Pull the curtains back and let the outside air into the bedroom. As your child awakens ask about the sounds they hear outside, and then wake up like a favorite animal in nature: “What does a frog sound like when it yawns?”; “Roll around on the floor and pretend to be the early bird’s worm – can you get away?” “Can you make your arms as big as the sun?” “Dance to the sounds of the rain!”

These moments and movements provide great stretching exercises and help wake up the brain after a night of rest.

And you are setting the mindset for what’s waiting for you just outside your front door. Come along, are you ready to go?