Salmon Spawning Sunday

The New Year brings more than resolutions about dieting (it’s hard to cut down on the nuts and sweets), it brings new adventures. The December rains get the waterways flowing and that means the salmon can make their way to spawn. We set out today for “Salmon Sunday” in hopes to spot a few jumping at the local fish ladders.

While recent years have shown a decrease in salmon populations our hope is that 2010 will shower down and fill the streams and estuaries to help the salmon population grow and thrive. It’s also more important than ever to keep our waterways clean as I witnessed on our hike today. While making our way along the fish ladders and then down to the stream where you can sometimes spot salmon laying eggs, we were shocked to discover a loud noise swooshing through the trees was not a bird – but a water bottle thrown by a passenger in a truck crossing the bridge.

Let's Go Chipper! Into the Great Outdoors | Out to Sea with Sally

A silent moment overcame us as we stood amongst lush foliage, in such a wide variety of greens, and wet rocks sparkling from the sun sneaking through the trees. What a contrast, a contradiction. The salmon spawn in an area known for its conscientious citizens and we wondered how someone “just passing through” could show such a lack of respect; we also wondered if it was a local lacking appreciation for what they had access to each and every day.

Retrieving a bottle littering a stream bed for salmon

It was only a moment before Avery felt compelled to carefully step rock-to-rock and retrieve the bottle wobbling in a perfect spot for salmon to nest and spawn. She also found a softball, toilet seat, and plastic bag. I was proud, Avery felt empowered.


We must all feel responsible and care for the environment. Young children are intuitively empathetic so engage and explore the great outdoors with them, and be amazed – inspired – by what they imagine and express.

You can slip and give into the sweets this year but commit to the resolution “just one piece” when it comes to picking up trash in your path each day.

Let’s Go Chipper!