Connecting Families. Building Communities. Welcome to Let’s Go Chipper a nature-inspired, play-powered program that delivers ideas and products to help you raise a confident and caring child.


Who is Chipper? Chipper is your conscientious ambassador of the great outdoors ready to excite, engage, and educate your child about family, friends, and life! Through adventures in nature with family and friends, Chipper builds mindfulness and environmental stewardship. Chipper is a playful, curious squirrel growing up in the big world just like your children.


The Let’s  Go Chipper program is comprised of books, apps, music, and daily activities from recycled crafts to cooking with your kids in the kitchen. We provide thoughtful tips to help you feel confident as a parent as well.


From pre-school teaching moments to healthy ideas for parents, our programs and lesson plans offer opportunities to infuse math, science, art, music, and social skills into each activity and Chipper and his park friends wrap the social learning in nature stories and moments which will set up a lifelong love for the environment. Learn more.

How would you like family fun delivered to your door? Boxed and ready child development resources that take the “I don’t know” out of parenting and replace it with turnkey, easy-to-follow ideas.  Chipper Family Moments will strengthen your confidence in parenting. Meaningful connections – that’s what life is all about.