Nature-inspired, Play-based Learning 

A child’s optimal development (3-5), the emergence of a secure and positive identity, the ability to think critically and resolve problems, the formation of empathy and self-confidence rely on beneficial interactions with the natural world, and interactions between parent and children. 

Let’s Go Chipper is an award-winning, educational and social emotional program which playfully teaches children good character and a love for the environment. What we do best though is help families to connect. Through our programs. Our activities and events. And our action-driven tips that help parents and educators engage with children from the heart.

Chipper and his friends help pre-school to elementary school educators and parents teach a positive mindset and contributive spirit in the home, classroom, community and beyond. Meet Chipper and his friends!

Check out Chippers new initiative – Making Change for the Better - helping kids creatively reduce waste while collaborating new ways to contribute in the home, school, community and world. It’s easy, define your cause, color your label, collect, and contribute. Let’s reduce waste in our landfills and build a wall of giving that’s living. Learn more and get started!

From pre-school teaching moments to healthy ideas for parents, our programs and lesson plans offer opportunities to infuse math, science, art, music, and social skills into each activity. And Chipper will happily guide a thoughtful new generation of children into the great outdoors and onto a path which will positively impact the world in which these children will inherit. 

We are always looking for new partners. If you are looking for new educational and enrichment resources to teach kindness in the classroom, check out our Helping Hands program. Contact us if you would like to receive a sample kit – we appreciate the feedback.