Research shows a strong emotional bond between child and parent (caregiver) puts kids on a positive path in life and leads the way for better performance in school, interpersonal relationships, and independence. We believe the foundation for this emotional intelligence begins in the home and the best way to nurture it is through play, moments in nature, and a collaborative spirit.

Let’s Go Chipper!

Welcome to our  award-winning family-building program filled with life-skills, learning activities that help connect children and parents. Nature and play empowers our social and emotional development landscape where we’ve created children’s books, family toolkits, apps, media and products that help you raise a more confident, kind and contributive child in the home and community.

Today’s 21st Century child needs boundaries so they can feel boundless and starting early is critical. Our goal is to help you strengthen core emotions so you have a child ready to learn and participate in the classroom. You’ll notice from pre-school teaching moments to healthy ideas for parents, our programs and lesson plans offer opportunities to infuse math, science, art, music, and social skills into each activity and Chipper and his park friends wrap the social learning in nature stories and moments which will set up a lifelong love for the environment. Learn more.

How would you like family fun delivered to your door? Boxed and ready child development resources that take the “I don’t know” out of parenting and replace it with turnkey, easy-to-follow ideas.  Chipper Family Moments will strengthen your confidence in parenting. Meaningful connections – that’s what life is all about.